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Foshan Junya Machinery Co.,Ltd

Professional manufacturer of glass washing machine

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Customer Service:

1.Help arrange transportation, loading at the factory if customer require. 
2.Provides the installation guiding, insured commissioning smoothly.
3.Provides the free training on operation and maintenance. One week on site training for the major project and production lines, until the operator fully understanding.

After-sales service

1.The faults caused by the quality will be responded within 24 hours after receiving user’s information.
2.During the warranty period, our company will repair and replace the damaged spare parts free of charge. After the warranty period, only the parts cost will be charged.

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Foshan Shunde Junya Machinery Co., Ltd

Service Hotline:


Fax:0757-23622255 Email:junyajixie@163.com Add:No. 16 Shilong Avenue, Lunjiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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